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You must neuter my dog? The risk of a shock early testes

News Dogs - You must neuter my dog? The risk of a shock early testes
intact male dogs tend to live a longer healthier life
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images of fear and cats and dogs abandoned in shelters tug at our hearts and service to encourage the public to adopt sterilization and neutering of pets and a way to reduce pet population.?[19459010Gurmergopfih]
has been the growing number of the population increased from cats and dogs abandoned in tough economic times. There is a growing trend in the Humane Society and rescue to the sterilization of cats and dogs neutral before the launch of the charges against them for families.??[19459010Baltbnieljdid]
In the case of kittens and puppies, some of the most began enthusiasts of these organizations spaying and neutering puppies as early as 6-8 weeks of age.??

research on the benefits long-term risks of such early intervention may be an adult dog many years away physical growth. However we can look at the existing research on the effects on the dogs spayed or neutered health before one year of age. ? Surprising results of these studies to inform the desirability of changing male dogs as well as the age at which sterilization or neutering might be appropriate.

In 2007, Laura J. Sanborn, MS study was published, "the risks and benefits associated with spay / neuter in the long-term dogs the health."? This study reviewed a lot of medical literature veterinary found, and more than 50 articles for peer review, in an attempt to gain access to the health effects of spaying and neutering dogs, veterinary help pet owners care providers to make more informed decisions about the feasibility of spay / neuter as well as timely development in the dog's surgery.

health benefits and risks of neutered male dogs

veterinarians regularly Tut The health benefits associated with neutering male dogs.? Often cites the reduction of prostate cancer and useful, and cites in addition to the prevention of testicular cancer is also an important consideration in the long-term health of the dog.? While neutering will eliminate the risk of dying from testicular cancer, the risk of this cancer and dying from it, a sound of a dog, it is less than one percent. While associated with prostate cancer in humans, testosterone, and studies indicate that the tusks seem to have an adverse effect on them than it does on humans.

benefits of neutering found in a review of medical studies included reduced moderately in males possibility of development: 19459015 ]
  • fistula around the anus
  • prostate disorders non-cancerous
  • and possibly a reduction in the risk of diabetes
while the benefits associated with neutering males in this study shows the minimum, and increase the risk of developing several types of cancer, obesity, bone disorders and adverse reactions a large vaccines.

Risk: neutered dogs are male versus male sound:
  • castrated males are 1.6 times more likely to develop heart hemangiosarcoma of the other parties of their sound.
  • Are twice as likely to develop urinary organ cancer than male sound
  • Are four times more likely to develop prostate cancer than male intact.
  • experience an increase of 27% in the adverse reactions to immunizations over their counterparts intact.
  • If castration is 1 year of age, because it greatly increases the risk of cancer more common osteosarcoma (bone cancer).?
In addition, dogs neutered four times more likely to be obese than their counterparts sound, in fact eunuch triple thyroid risks, which causes weight gain, lethargy and loss of hair.? ?

probably due to weight gain, and neutered dogs are also more likely to develop bone disorders and are at greater risk for the progressive cognitive aging experience.

weigh the benefits against the increased health risks associated with neutering male dogs, and it appears from this study that the risks far outweigh the benefits, with the exception big one. The testicles of one side and the disappearance of bilateral testicular, or undescended, and when they are not neutered, and results in 13 times the chance of testicular cancer.? While the diagnosis for the treatment of testicular cancer is good, and the cure rate of 90%, it is advisable to neutralize these dogs.?

[19459009happen] behavior usually marking when?
There are female sound in the house of
? Courtesy of

mark on the inside

Many owners want to eliminate the tendency male dogs to mark territory, by neutering males before they reach sexual maturity.? In fact neutered male about 6 months of age often never learn to "high" legs, and the judiciary in the same way that dogs and puppies female do.?

However, with proper training, the boys will learn not to celebrate or raising their legs at home.? It is only when the males are subjected to female sound and cycle her libidinous, on the occasion that male behavior becomes a challenge inside the house.

reduce aggression

Another reason for neutering male to reduce or eliminate aggressive behavior . Healthy dogs are not welcome in the dog parks and for good reason. ? A pair of male sound made with healthy women in a rut is likely to lead to a view of aggression between males.?

dominant males will want to assert themselves, and cost for the health of your dog and your wallet is not worth the risk. ? If you keep intact male dog, dog parks and respect for rules and laws, most of the municipalities and the provinces. Keep your dog on a leash or confined at all times.

Total Omar intact versus neutered males

In a recent study at the University of Georgia, examined the researchers more than 40,000 dogs records to determine whether male intact or castrated males live longer.? While it also found that neutralized males tend to die from certain types of cancer is higher than their counterparts healthy rate, generally dogs neutered was, on average, a longer life span in.? The study showed that intact males and females tend much more infectious diseases to die at an early age of dogs sterilized and neutralized in the study.

It should be noted that the dogs in this study was one of the teaching hospitals, and the results can be different in private veterinary practices.? It is not known whether the male and female healthy pets or stray animals and any level of care they received prior to acceptance.?

permission of
we must neuter our dog?

If you have a breed that is predisposed to develop certain types of cancer, such as osteosarcoma, cancer of the lymph nodes or hemangiosarcomo, and you have a fenced yard well, you may want to leave intact.?? [Kasalzkor

research shows clearly that the earlier that you sterilization or neutering your pet, and the biggest risk is one of the most common types of the aforementioned cancer development.

However, recent research also suggests that males neutralized live longer than males intact. If you opt for castration, we suggest you wait until your dog festival first change him.? While many veterinarians call on neutering at 6 months, it appears that the hormones of the reproductive system are helping to develop the autoimmune system of the dog. Allowing him to reach sexual maturity and gives it the advantage that the availability of these hormones, and we hope to extend his lifespan, as well as the quality of his last years.
You must neuter my dog? The risk of a shock early testes

Breakthrough in pain treatment for dogs with osteosarcoma

News Dogs - Breakthrough in pain treatment for dogs with osteosarcoma
between 6000-8000 dogs in the United States to receive treatment for osteosarcoma each year. ? Usually a disease of large breed dogs, osteosarcoma can affect the strains of all sizes. ? As the disease progresses, it restores normal healthy bone tissue and change the bones and throw. ? In dogs, as in people, this process becomes increasingly re-display more painful whenever the progression of the disease, which affects the activity levels and quality of life.
Dr. Vladimir Osipov

and Dorothy CIMINO Brown, DVM and Kimberly Agnello DVM University of Pennsylvania study

Seventy participated dogs who suffering from osteosarcoma in this study. ? Representing a variety of breeds, including Rottweiler, Golden Retrievers, Labrador retrieves and various mixed breeds. The average size of the dogs in the study, 90 pounds, and the average age dropped between 8 and 9 years. ? The study was conducted by dividing the group in half and treat each group with standard care, while the second group also received a single injection of neurotoxin, SP-SAP (P-saporin), close to the tumor site.

similar neurological Many of us are familiar with is the Botox anti-wrinkle injections. Botox works to prevent signals from the nerves to the muscles, so that the muscles no longer contract. ? When certain muscles can not contract, wrinkles appear to soften.

Similarly, SP-SAP works by attaching itself to the nerves of pain sensors. Once attached, the part sap kills nerve. ? This theory, no more pain-sensing nerve and then no more pain.

results of a study

, six weeks into the study, 74% of the dogs was the control group (those receiving standard care only) significant increases in levels of pain and need to be removed from the control group or "blinded" to amended their pain management. ?

In contrast to the control group, only 24% of dogs in the SAP-SP group need to be "unblinded" edits in pain management.

In addition, the dogs in the control group who were receiving standard care only, saw a 6% increase in the intensity of the pain test. ? Dogs who received a single injection SP-SAP saw an increase in the intensity of pain.

and more encouraging, the dogs in the control group experienced a 8% decline in how pain interferes with their daily activities, while the SP-SAP group improved by 5% in their daily activities .


and osteosarcoma affects both dogs and people in the same way, this study is likely to be good news for both humans and dogs. ? Pain relief is critical to improving the quality of life of the patient, and the response to treatment and patient outcomes in general. ? Positive results from this study is likely to raise further investigation in SP- sap and other nerves to manage the pain of osteosarcoma, as well as other diseases with symptoms as well as chronic pain.

to learn more about this study visit: American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) (2013, 23 OCT)? Chronic pain in dogs with bone cancer satisfied with the new treatment.

Breakthrough in pain treatment for dogs with osteosarcoma

And AKC recognizes three new dog breeds in 2013 | Meet

News Dogs - And AKC recognizes three new dog breeds in 2013 | Meet strains
this year AKC recognized three new breeds of dogs that will be eligible to compete in the AKC Eukanuba National Championship in 2013 and in the Westminster show dog kennel club in February 2014.? 15 other strains waiting on deck in a variety of class to become a full member recognized AKC breeds of dogs and eligible to compete in one of seven groups (work, sports and non-sporting, dog, dog, toy and herding).

to meet with the new strains

Couretsy of
first AKC recognized breeds new is our home grown dog sled, Chinook .? The development of this product in 1900 in New Hampshire by polar explorer Arthur Treadwell Walden.? Name, Chinook, derived from the word Inuit, which means warm wind in winter. Seeks to create a strong dog venture with intelligence, trainability and speed and agility, it has been the development of the breed by crossing the Mastiff (dogs) project with the Greenland Inuit and Belgian shepherds and German.? The result is a gentle, intelligent dog with excellent speed and strength formulation. ? These range from large dogs to rise from 22-26 inches at the shoulder.

Chinooks have a double thick coat that is tan or yellowish color, which cast arms twice a year.? The Chinooks nice to make excellent family pets, as they were not designed to protect you should not expect them to perform as a guard dogs.?
Learn more about the strain on the AKC site.

Courtsy of
and Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is a dog and a small scene, and stand 8-12 inches at the shoulder.? While they hunt primarily by sight, they also use sound and smell to track their prey in. Mainly used for hunting rabbits, and is linked to this product to the Pharaoh Hound, Cirneco dell'Etna, and Basenji dog Ibizan.? And put in place since 3000 years in the Iberian Peninsula, and the Portuguese? Podengo Pequeno, which is the national dog of Portugal, and just gave to the United States in the 1990s.?

and Portugeuse Podengo Pequeros come in two textures coat, smooth coat, which is a dense coat the wire, which is longer and more severe in texture. They are usually yellow or fawn in color, and can have white markings.? Ears erect signs fawn they remember their ancestors, and the Ibizan hound, in miniature.

smart and easy to train and high engine, these dogs make excellent obedience, agility and rally dogs.? I was born to hunt every day, they need to work to do and regular exercise.? Make sure you keep them in a fenced yard as the instinct to chase prey can get them into trouble in the suburbs or the environment in urban areas. ID = 6

the third new breed gain full acceptance of this year in the registry AKC is Rat . This is another home grown American breed, multi-purpose dog companion to hunt rodents and other vermin both above and below ground.? It is a small game, of course, as well.
comes Rat dogs in two sizes miniature (stand 10-13 inches at the shoulder) and level (13-18 inches). Coat smooth and comes in any color variation patterns party consists of large patches of one or more colors (usually black, red, fawn, tan, chocolate, blue or lemon) in combination with white markings.

The breed was developed from a mixture of dog and terrier crosses.? Include the ancestors of the rat and dog Fox, Manchester Dog, Old English white dogs, and dog urine, as well as Beagle, Toy Fox dogs, greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds added to more strain lately. From 1910 during the reign of the dust bowl of the 1930s, it was a rat and one of the dogs the most common American farm, valued for its ability to keep the insects at bay.

companions and loyal and playful, but it may be they are aloof with strangers. Intelligent and very active, they make an excellent dog obedience, rally, agility, and the earth? Coats smooth shed very little and easy to maintain curry comb. Learn more about them in

and AKC breeds of dogs and a variety of
strains awaiting recognition in a variety of full AKC category AKC even set a date for full recognition. ? These strains that we can expect to see the entry AKC for years 2, and then the next as follows:
Laekenois Belgian
Berger Picard
Cirneco dell'Etna
Coton de Tulear in
dojo Argentine
Lagotto Romajnolo
American sponsor mini
Peruvian Inca Orchid
Spanish water dog
Wirehaired Vizsla?
And AKC recognizes three new dog breeds in 2013 | Meet

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20 homemade dog snacks: Turn kitchen scraps in the easy, healthy dog ​​treats

News Dogs - 20 homemade dog snacks: Turn kitchen scraps in the easy, healthy dog ​​treats

supplementing your dog's diet

Does your dog to walk on a diet balanced? If dry eat the same food, day after day, year after year, chances are that missing out on a few things. Although most of the manufacturer's claims to the contrary, no one really knows exactly what constitutes a full dogs diet.

Make healthy dog snacks from fruits and vegetables

FDA, AAFCO and many veterinarians recommend rotating regularly your diet among many brands to help maintain a balanced diet dog. However, changing diet dog from one type to another can lead to unpleasant stomach issues and digestive disorder.

Here are some healthy, local ingredients made that you can add to your dog's daily consumption, without any extra effort, that will add variety and help fill in the nutritional gaps. Better yet, it will not affect your wallet. As with any food, portion control is the key to snacking healthy dog ​​

kitchen scraps that make healthy dog ​​snacks

Romaine lettuce: low lettuce in calories, high in protein (in fact it's 17% protein), calcium, Omega-3S, and vitamin C (one head of romaine has more vitamin C than oranges), vitamin a, iron and rich in B- vitamins and minerals.

when your private and clean your lettuce, aside pieces made of tough skin and hard-core pale that you would normally put down the disposal. Most dogs enjoy dark green leafy and well cores crunchy pieces. There is a snack from the remains of scraps of lettuce adding fresh fiber and almost no calories in his diet. Butter, cream, green leaf lettuce, red leaf is a very good choice, also has an iron-rich spinach easily

peels potatoes: peeling potatoes fried potatoes or mashed potatoes? The potato skins are packed with vitamin C, B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese and magnesium. In its raw state, leather potato contains about 16 calories per ounce. You can safely add two ounces of raw potato skins in 20 pounds of dog weight without significantly affecting caloric him.

sweet potatoes nutritious dramatically. ? Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, feel free to indulge your dog with the left over potatoes or peel them sweet baked. Just make sure they do not have any added sugar or butter and marshmallows

peeling carrots: When peeling and trim the carrots, and the development of the waste along with Fido? Carrots are high in fiber, anti-inflammatory and a high content of vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins and vitamin K and potassium. A quarter cup of raw carrots is only 15 calories, and it makes a nice new addition to a bowl of kibble.
treat your dog to a healthy banana snack

healthy snacks of fruit dogs of

when the fruit cleaning, you may discover unappetizing piece of fruit that your dog will enjoy. We are not asking to give bad for your pet fruit, but a piece bruised bananas or strawberries adding fresh food and antioxidants in your dog's diet

banana: 19459009 ] high in fiber, vitamin c, b vitamins and potassium, of course. Bananas in small quantities to make occasional treat nice. And inch one-piece is a healthy part of the dog 25 pounds

Blueberries: a lot of organic and holistic pet food add berries to formulas, but the processing removes much well of their nutritional value. Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, selenium, zinc and iron. Like many of the fruits on this list, it is high in vitamins C, E, A and B complex. 2 or 3 berries a day makes a good cure, or in addition to the kibble to him

melon: watermelon and cantaloupe: Both are high in antioxidants, potassium and magnesium materials, and vitamins A, B complex, C, cantaloupe has the added benefits of beta-carotene, thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid. Be careful not to feed your dog seeds. One two cubes inch of any kind of watermelon makes a healthy snack size dog

Strawberries: an excellent source of fiber, potassium, magnesium, iodine, folic acid, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C, K, B1 and B6. Strawberry medium-sized one and make a healthy treat, but if the snappy too, your dog may not know what to do with. Keep an eye on it to prevent staining on the carpet as if she refuses treatment.

leftover tables scrapes that make healthy dog treats

remnants - cooked vegetables that make a healthy snack and supplements

your meal is over and a few scraps of the remaining vegetables on their way to the trash. wait! You can add the following vegetables for dinner your dog or give a healthy snack. When feeding the dog remaining vegetables from the table, be sure to rinse them first to remove any salt, pepper, butter or sauce

asparagus - steamed, grilled or cooked - for those of you who just love to eat tips, Fido will enjoy leftover asparagus. Be sure not to feed fibrous ends of the stems. Rich in fiber asparagus spears are a great source of vitamin K and contain good levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, folic acid, iron, copper, manganese and potassium.

broccoli florets - steamed or grilled - florets broccoli dark rich source of vitamins C and K, as well as vitamin A, folic acid, manganese, fiber . floret service grumpy one for every 20 pounds of body weight

cabbage -.? cooked, fresh or frozen - if you have the preparation of fresh cabbage, stripping off stems Levy, set them aside for your dog. They are crunchy and packed with vitamin K, A, C, folate and calcium. Adding raw cabbage or frozen cooked to your dogs kibble, serving size approximately one tablespoon per 20 lbs. . Everyone of our dogs loves stems

green beans - cooked, canned or frozen - they make a low-calorie great for any dog ​​a treat, and is especially valuable for dogs on a diet. If you need to reduce the amount of calories your dog, but we want him to feel full after his meal, green beans any way make in addition to the kibble.

sweet potatoes - boiled, baked or raw - whether you're peeling them or have skins residue after dinner, these potatoes are high in nutrients and fiber . Sweet potatoes and potatoes are a great source of vitamin A and beta-carotene as well as vitamins C, B6, B5, manganese and potassium.

skins baked potatoes - cooking focuses on the number of calories per ounce, so when baked potato skins to still have the nutrients than their counterparts raw, ounce one contains 32 calories. To be sure, give your dog a plain baked potatoes only. Scrape away, sour cream or butter before participating the skin with your dog. A quarter of the potato skin makes snack nice for a dog 25 pounds

peas - must be bombed peas English, but snow and sugar snap peas shells are edible. Peas can be boiled, steamed or fried. Low in calories, and peas are an excellent source of vitamins K, C, and B complex, in this system, as well as manganese, fiber, folic acid, protein, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and potassium. Size dog treat part: two sugar snap or snow peas, English peas, or 0.1 tablespoons - per dog weighs 20 pounds

Add Healthy and Nutritious Pumpkin to Your Dog's Food

Pumpkin - a miracle. Dog food

canned pumpkin - It's the healthiest vegetables you or your dog can eat ?! It's high on anti-inflammatory index, and high in fiber, vitamins A, C, K, B complex, iron, potassium, manganese, omega 3 and 6. It also helps with both constipation and diarrhea. One teaspoon per 20 pounds weight added to the dog kibble for your dog will keep his coat healthy and intestines. Be sure to buy canned pumpkin normal and not pie filling, which has been sweetened and spiced

Tip: If your dog has an upset stomach? , Boil white rice and add 2 tablespoons of the pumpkin. Your dog will love. It's easy to digest, and will help calm a bout of diarrhea.

Dangerous dog snacks
grapes and raisins, even in small amounts, can be toxic for dogs.

foods not to give your dog

onion and garlic It should never be given as a treatment for a dog. If you have been cooked with the remnants of these components, and pass to be a snack for your dog.

grapes and raisins can be toxic, even in small quantities.

never feed your dog any class of white, milk or dark chocolate.

Despite the bravado of many commercial dog foods avocado where the components, they can cause gastrointestinal upset in raw format.
20 homemade dog snacks: Turn kitchen scraps in the easy, healthy dog ​​treats

And hypoallergenic Dog Breed legend | Results

News Dogs - And hypoallergenic Dog Breed legend | Results sudden study
lists the AKC 19 breeds and qualities of the existence of anti-allergic. Are dog breeds on this list really less dander and allergens produce? Expanded study, based in Detroit, Michigan, to find out. Here's what they have learned.
Hypoallergenic Coton De Tulear Dog Breed
and Coton de Tulear dog that low and shed the last addition to the AKC registration. ? A copy of CVF-PFS

strains listed below have been described by the AKC breeders as hypoallergenic, mainly because they shed much less than other breeds of dogs. ? However, the hair itself is not sensitive. It's associated with it dander that causes sniffles and asthma attacks.

The assumption was, less hair in the air means less dander floating around. As a result, an industry of mixed strains claims situation hypoallergenic dog and flooded the market. The Americans are preparing a large dollars to spend ($ 1,500 to $ 5,000) on the mongrels low sensitivity allegedly

and AKC in a "hypoallergenic" dog List strains:

  • Hound Afghan
  • Bedlington dog
  • ? Bach fries
  • ? Chinese Crested
  • Coton de Tulear in
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Kerry Blue Dog
  • Maltese
  • poodles
  • Portuguese water dog
  • miniature Schnauzer
  • Standard Schnauzer
  • soft coated Wheaton dog
  • Zoloitzuintli (Mexican hairless)
  • American hairless dog
  • Lagotto Romajnolo
  • Spanish water dog
  • Peruvian Inca Orchid (bald)?
Three Mexican Hairless Dogs Hypoallerginc Dogs
Mexican hairless dogs. You might expect to be free as of allergens as if they were of the hair

mixtures claim the qualities designed hypoallergenic:

  • Goldendoodle - Golden recover and Poodle cross
  • Maltipoos - Maltese Poodle mix
  • Maltichon - Maltese Wabash combination
  • Mauxi - Dachshund -? Combination Maltese
  • anything else mixed with a Poodle or Maltese
In spite of the public interest in pets hypoallergenic, no one had ever tested the theory by testing the sensitivity levels in the homes of dog owners. ? Then came the study, published in? Journal of Medicine and nasal allergies , which tried to prove or disprove generate hypoallergenic theory.?

and the sensitivity of the results of the study of 190 Detroit homes?

study [1], based in Detroit, selecting participants from among a group of pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy. He asked 190 pregnant women reported owning dogs as pets that wherever allow in their homes: breed of dog, and the amount of time spent at home and whether to allow it in the nursery. The researchers then went to their homes, after the birth of one month, to collect samples of dust by a vacuum in the nursery, and then measuring the levels of greenhouse current sensitivity of the material.

homes with pure breed, was counter strains of the sensitivity of the test and blends hypoallergenic and classified the results into four test schemes.?

scheme to compare the sensitivity levels of pure "hypoallergenic" breed kennels and other pure breed dogs as defined AKC.?

plan B as compared with pure breed dogs mixed breed dogs, where he was at least one parent hypoallergenic.?

C program compared to purebred dogs, mixed breed dogs with the mother hypoallergenic and one mixed breed dogs with any anti-element sensitivity in their lineage.

D plan comparison only AKC listed dogs hypoallergenic inherent to all other breeds of dogs

Results : there were no statistically significant differences between the sensitivity levels of hypoallergenic pure dog bred, dogs counter is designed for sensitivity and other homes.?[19459023dog]

in fact dogs counter sensitivity continually more allergens produced , although the increase did not rise high enough level to meet the standard deviation is statistically significant. Maybe you should rename these dogs as dogs Hyperallergenic .

3 tips to save the dog dander and pet allergens down in your house

What could be the reason for these dogs shedding low postpone further dander those that shed regularly ? It is likely that these will be shedding coat also reduced dander hair lost in the outdoors as well as indoors, while the layer is shed retains a lot of dander clinging dense coats.

monthly regular brushing and baths using both the shampoo and conditioner coat, can significantly reduce allergens. ? The main designer, Les Bouska from Atlanta Studio Hair explains, "shampoo makes hair follicles to open, allowing it to release the dirt and dander attached to the shaft. Then sealed air shaft back closed, making it difficult for dust and dander to cling all the hair shaft. Skipping conditioner leaves open the shaft to collect more allergens quickly. " However, warns, bathe often with cheap shampoo can actually cause dry skin diseases that can actually increase the sensitivity levels in your home.

addition of antioxidants, such as fish oil and probiotics dog to your dog's diet can also help relieve any skin diseases that lead to excess dander being generated.

like dogs have their own personal space, so provide your dog with him your bed that can easily be washed. We like the family dog, which consists of threads spun from recycled plastic bottles filling. . This dry quickly and retain animal hair or pet animal smells after a quick cycle in the washing machine


[1]? Dog sensitivity levels in homes with hypoallergenic dogs compared with nonhypoallergenic
Charlotte E. Nicholas, Ganesa t Wegienka, Susan L. Havstad, Edward Zoratti, Dennis R. Ownby, Christine Cole Johnson
am j Rhinol Allergy.?2011 July-August, 25 (4): 252-256.?doi:?10.2500/ajra.2011.25.3606

And hypoallergenic Dog Breed legend | Results

He handed the best comic boat? Paws on board or Pawz Pet Products dog boat ramps

News Dogs - He handed the best comic boat? Paws on board or Pawz Pet Products dog boat ramps
the paws on board the boat playfully handed the gold standard for water safety dog ​​when boating in lakes and other large bodies of water. ? Now the newcomer had arrived, Pawz Pet Products dog boat ladder. We wanted to know, what is the difference and which is better?
paws on board the boat playfully him at work? Starting from $ 184.00

discussed with many distributors and manufacturers of both products. ? It seems that the paws owners decided to go on board their separate ways. ? As a result, all of the intellectual property rights holders to enjoy paws on board the boat invention patent ladder. This generated a new company, Pawz pet products, and produce exactly the same product, and may be produced in the same factory. ? The only difference now is the writing on the ladder side.

him Pawz Pet Products dog boat in action.
As you can see they attach in exactly the same way and look-alike almost, down the dog modeling its ease of use and has a tug. ? We understand that the future work of the boat ladder Pawz pet products will be in white, not yellow bright safety of current production.

Thus, any boat ladder should you choose?

Now, whichever is the cheapest ladder is our recommendation. While Pawz Pet Products is trying to make a name for itself, and there are some good deals to be had on the stairs and a boat dock them. We found it on sale in the clowns and Whiskers gifts with free shipping for $ 179.00.

through this divorce of ownership, paws on board experienced some delays in production, causing a number of distributors to jump ship and sign up with a new competitor, Pawz pet products. ? It will be interesting to see who wins this battle in a relatively small market. Has Pawz pet products also have their own line of dog life jackets, similar in construction and paws on the line, but with different styles. Who is even all Pawz American flag and a life jacket for dog owners and national.

either a ladder can be attached to the dock to create a permanent group of stairs for your dog can easily climb out of the water.

He handed the best comic boat? Paws on board or Pawz Pet Products dog boat ramps

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Grooming fluffy dogs | How to take care of the dog-coated double

News Dogs - Grooming fluffy dogs | How to take care of the dog-coated double
Champion Border Collie in Full Coat

Grooming not only keeps your dog's coat in good health, and reduces the amount of hair shed in your home, and provides an opportunity to bond closely with your dog. Whether you want to keep your dog's coat in the case of view or just looking free mats to keep it, and these tips on care of your fluffy dog ​​makes short work of keeping your dog healthy looking and your home free of dog hair junk.

grooming basics 101

  • before brushing your dog, always lightly mist it with a little water from a spray bottle. The will of the water? The judiciary? Static? Electricity ? And provide the flexibility of the coat to prevent breakage of hair shafts.
  • If you can hear the brush because it is pulling through the coat, you brush too hard or using a brush to coat the wrong style.
  • always brush your dog and remove any mats before bathing him. ? Wash the dog with loose mats or hair will only worsen the situation, causing the mats that grow in size and become more tightly matted.
  • grooming gives you a chance to reveal the wounds, blocks or changes in the skin and coat the case that might help you discover a serious condition early on
  • clean coat grows coat; dirt on coats breaks the hair shafts leaving unwanted hair all over the house.
  • double-coated dogs shed their jackets Althtanih twice a year. ? Dead and loose? Undercoat ? To stay on? Dog will quickly generate hard to remove mats.
  • Most dogs enjoy the attention of grooming when it's done? regularly.
  • 10 minutes a week is all that is necessary to keep the average dog's coat thin in good condition.

grooming tools for the dog coated double

The cost of each of the this grooming tools together is less than one visit to a professional groomer, and it is worth having at hand.

Pin Brush for Dog Grooming
[19459013 pin brush by # 1 all systems

pin brush

brush pin is a basic brush that It will use the weekly maintenance of a double coat your dog. ? Should easily slip through the coat without making any raw scrape or rupture sounds.?

brushes pin comes in two style , with those Nobs on both ends of the pins, and who have a pin in a row that are gently rounded at the tips. ? Never use a style with Nobs on both ends. ? It is designed to remove the coat ,? But? They pull and? Tear in a healthy coat, making grooming experience unpleasant and even painful for dogs.

Poodle comb

Wide Toothed Poodle Comb
master Groomer Poodle comb
uses this comb with wide teeth and comb in order to finish a double-coated dogs, once a dog's coat free of mats or loose hair. Spaced teeth of a comb poodle in 1/4 inch distance from each other.

uses a comb to detect any mats and clumps of small loose hair that has been missed in the brush of the dog. ? If the sticks a comb, you need to investigate in that region of the dogs coat more carefully. This is how you prevent tangles from small to large mats become throughout the week.

and slicker brush

slicker brush
slicker brush is used to remove the mat and grooming accessories (feathers on the front legs, pants and hair on the hocks and behind the ears).

we will discuss the use in the removal of the mat further down in this article.

crushers Mat

there are two types of breakers on the mat. It is best used with one tooth longer a big cut apart, mats grip size. ? The one with the shorter teeth is good for stripping the outside and fluffy under coat.?

The undercoat sheds and remain located in with healthy hair, right?
Mat Remover for Dogs
short Blade died breakers by Safari
begins to form a loose mat. Short blades are good for the stripping of that loose floor mats, mat remover longer will a simple white? Slip? Through tangles loose.
remove the scalp can help calm the dog coated double in the summer months, and are also on show dogs to help? Carving dog scheme. ? Dogs with an abundance more than the hair on his loins and background can seem "high in the rear."? Remove excess undercoat reveals the real structure of the dog.

grooming tool mat remover
long teeth Dematting large mats comb

rolling coat on a dog-coated double

rolling coat removes Dead and loose hair, and it promotes new hair growth and distribution of natural oils dog along the hair shafts. It must be executed this once a week, and will reduce the amount of shed around your home to a large extent. Rolling? Coat ? You should only take about 5 minutes on each side? Dog when done on a weekly basis.

to roll coat, spray your dog with water from a spray bottle before? the beginning. ? Do you have a dog lying on its side, and using a pin brush without Nobs on both ends of the pins, clean coat appeared to start in the shoulder. ? Back brushing means you will brush a small amount of hair in the opposite direction of how the hair grows naturally and lays.?

grabbed coat toward the front of the dog gently to the bottom as you brush the hair back towards the dog's head, creating a role in the coat. Continue brushing the back of the coat 2 inches with each stroke moving down the side of the dog towards the tail. Brushing in the opposite direction of how to put hair allows you to get to the base of each hair shaft and remove all dead or loose hair on the dog. ?

once you've brushed back all the hair from the shoulder to the contrary in the pants? Direction? From? Growth pattern, brush hair gently back to the direction in which usually puts. Convert more dog, fog again and repeat on the opposite side.

after rolling coat, you should be able to easily pull-toothed comb and wide, or comb poodles, easily through the coat dog. ? Any places that sticks comb, and should be investigated for a small tangles or mats. This is all that is required to keep the dog coated double coat in good condition when it is not in the shedding phase.

and double-coated shed stage dog

Double Row Shedding Rake
shed rake

coated dogs twice a year will double "blow coat". This is when throwing more than the scalp may become Guard hairs remaining dry and brittle appearance. ? It may take up to three weeks for the dog to completely blow the coat. ? This is the time that most of the mats are formed if the dead were allowed to stay on the hair regularly without being brushed out.

and brushing with a pin brush it takes a long time to remove all loose hair, but rake shed will make quick work of hair removal Dead and loose. ? With a few passes on the back and sides of your dog, you can remove most of the dead hair in a few minutes.

remove the mat

If you have a double-coated dog, it is imperative that the mat will eventually form on your dog. Mat favorite sites are behind the ears, pants and under the arms where the arm and body scrub together. ? Some dogs lose coat through a shed in tufts, which makes it easy to spot that the time to rake shed arrived. ? Other coats tend to hold hair in loose, creating a dense mass of hair along the rump pants dog hiding under the guard hairs.

Depending on the type of floor mats you are dealing with, and there are many techniques to help you easily and without removing the mats and maintain a healthy coat pain.

small in sensitive areas remove mats

small mats behind the ears can be removed with scissors. ? Using shear thinning near the mat base will make the removal of the mat is less clear.
Stainless Steel Finishing Comb
Use narrow teeth to tease apart the small mats or loose.

small mats on the sensitive areas, you can draw the mat with a comb finishing. Start with the longer hair from the skin of dogs, and try to gently separate the hair from each other. ? You may want to short mat blade remover use to encourage hair to separate.

when using any mat remover with blades, and the angle of the blade ends away from the dog's body with sharp sides of the blades facing away from the body dogs. ? In this video, use a rake King fur coat kind of exclusion of the mat. Mars king made coat, however Oster makes a similar tool (pictured here), which also works well for half the price.

  • here used Nanny slicker brush her teeth with a fine to determine mats.?
  • then uses a comb to tease finishing small mats separately .
  • fur was held at the base of the mat when the mat teasing apart, to keep from pulling on the skin of dogs. ?
  • is a matter of more stubborn mats on the ear away with short blades of Oster undercoat rake.
  • The last of the loose hair is removed from the fine teeth of the comb finishing. If you do not have to comb finishing, and use slicker brush to remove loose hair final.

large and densely populated fur on large tracts remove mats

for large mats : may want to spray the first mat with detangler designed for dog coats. Best shot makes a good detangler. Our favorite is the Island dogs Detangler # 63. We love this detangler because it can not be left in without attracting dirt, which creates a new floor mats, plus it smells like honeysuckles !?

when you use a detangler, spray the area matted, and work it into the area matted with your fingers, then wait 3-5 minutes before the grooming of the mat.

Use long blade mat comb to slice through the tightly knitted mats. Using deployment procedure, and start at the end of the loose mat stroking away from the dog, and work on the base of a node in consecutive blows. This is done with the publication of gentle but firm with the blades facing away from the dog's skin (and this work is reflected in the video below).?

make several passes so easily flowing through the knot. ? Using a slicker brush, gently remove loose hair in short strokes on the hair at the end of a node, and work in the direction of the body of dog.?

end by running a comb over the region to ensure that all tangles and loose hair move.

here nanny shows the work of deployment required to break the mat ,?
and then follow up with a slicker brush and comb finishing.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

remove dead densely undercoat

if I packed a large area of ​​the dog tightly with Dead hair, can make it difficult to feel even the dogs under the skin coat. ? Begin by liberally sprinkled with detangler coat, then let it sit for 3-5 minutes.

starting from a base in the region matted or above the dog's tail. Click on the coat again toward the head, and start teasing toward the tail coat with a slicker brush, a little at a time. ? If the coat stubborn, use a mat remover with short blades for? Season? And spare tangled? Hair.

also loosen hair, repeat brushing with a slicker brush. ? Continue back and forth between the mat remover brush coat so? Free mat in the region ,? Go over it one last time with a comb with coarse tine spacing. ? See demonstration below the pants matted this dog. Note that it begins at the bottom of the tangled area of ​​the exclusion of tangles in his coat.

as relaxed hair removal, she reapply detangler to speed up the process.

quickly remove hair from Pants matted

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